Your problem is the reason
why "AUNORA" exists

Our Story

Nowadays, there are so many whitening supplement products but why you still can’t find the product that is right for your problem, meets your satisfaction, make you skintone brighter as you want? We completely understand that skintone problem is such a “big problem in life”, feeling suffer and struggle through the same old problem that cannot be solved. Your problem is the reason why we "AUNORA" exist and the main task that we want to solve. 


“Our deep understanding of this issue enabled us to come up with the best solution”.  We’ve studied supplement products’ formulas in the market and found many reasons why those products don’t work. Key reasons are the limitation of ingredients’ cost, pill capacity size that is too small, focused on marketing-oriented instead of effective ingredients, and generic formula that is not created for genetically tan-skinned people who have more black pigments. 


Since day one, we set out a goal to reform the whitening supplement product industry like no one has ever done before, negate all beliefs and experiences with the statement “why genetically tan-skinned people can’t have white skintone?”, and finally put an end to your problem and achieve your desired skintone. We adhere to the needs of genetically tan-skinned people, developing supplement that can truly solve this problem and satisfy your needs. 


We’ve devoted all our time and energy over 3 years in researching, inventing, testing, developing, and finally successfully created the best innovative whitening supplement product that you could ever ask for, bringing the best product to consumers with maximum effectiveness, highest quality production, and safety.

Our Mission
“To create a whitening supplement product that truly solve customers’ skintone problem”
Our Vision

The most trusted and appreciated whitening supplement product in both domestic and international markets.
Our Value

Customer Centric
Customer Satisfaction
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